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Video Conferencing Systems

There are times when an email, text or call, suffice, but in most instances we clearly prefer to use the significant power of visual communication. Video Conferencing provides a natural communication experience of face-to-face conversations using real-time two-way high definition audio video transmission over the network. It is used to collaborate with colleagues across the globe, clients, suppliers & business associates & to facilitate distance-training sessions across different parts of the world. Meetings can be recorded and documents, presentations & graphics can also be processed & exchanged online jointly.

We offer an unsurpassed range of enterprise solutions for your collaboration & conferencing needs. If you haven’t tried video conferencing recently, you probably haven’t experienced the improved picture & voice quality of HD - high-definition, the stability & cost-effectiveness of IP video networks as well as the flexibility of desktop video & mobile video solutions. All conference systems are equipped with AEC – Acoustic Echo Cancellation – which cancels reflected source wave interference with new waves created by the source. Through synchronized image, sound & data transfer, video conferencing is ideal for meetings across distances.With Video Conference Systems the quality of your work & private life is distinctly improved.

With Video Conference Systems the quality of your work & private life is distinctly improved.

Audio Conference Systems

Audio Conference Systems are different from other alternate means of audio conversation because of their ability to have multi-party conferences between not only individuals, but also groups, with in-built features such as AEC i.e. audio echo cancellation & GSM noise cancellation. Modern wireless conference phones give users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement & accessibility as you can use your mobile phone as the communication link and enjoy the quality standard of a network based audio conference system.

Types of Conferencing Systems:

  • Point to Point Video Conference System – Only 2 parties are involved.
  • Multi-Point Video Conference System - All parties call the Multi-point unit or vice-versa to have a multi-party conference.
  • Telepresence – 3D Video Conference System
  • Mobile Video Conference System
  • Desktop Video Conference System

Components of Conferencing Systems :

  • PTZ Camera - High quality remote controlled video camera with pan left & right, tilt up & down, & zoom features.
  • Codec - Heart of the system. All Interfaces connect to the Codec. Codec digitally compresses audio & video streams it in real time.
  • Microphone – Omni-directional microphones are connected to the console.
  • Audio Output - TV speakers or loudspeakers

How Do Conferencing Solutions Help?

  • Saves travel time, energy & cost
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Increases availability at work place
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster decision making gives competitive advantage
  • Makes short notice meetings possible