Surveillance Solutions

Be Omnipresent and Omniscient

We know how important it is for you to monitor and keep a track of your loved ones and co-workers.

Safety & Security are major concerns for every Individual & Enterprise.While ensuring Security, Surveillance Systems also contribute towards greater Productivity & smoother operations, empowering you real time monitoring, anytime from anywhere. More than anything else, it brings complete peace of mind by letting you monitor whatever you value the most, may it be your kids at home, your manufacturing plant in another continent, your warehouse in a remote location or simply your home or office.

Surveillance systems make use of digital / network video recorders to monitor & record videos from cameras strategically located in areas of importance

You can view the Cameras Live, right on your phone, your computer & you also have 24x7 recording of weeks & months of Data (Videos) at any point of time. Wide Range of Cameras sourced from renowned brands, allow us to provide Truly Customized Solutions for all needs.

Choose from a variety of Surveillance Solutions

Digital Video Recorder

Records the analog streams in an internal Hard Disc and stream the videos from analog CCTV Cameras online, all cameras can be viewed on the internet using a phone, PC or Laptop. Digital in DVR refers to the compression & storage technology.

Network Video Recorder

NVR stores digital images directly from IP Cameras. NVR connects to all cameras over the network, Lan or Wan. NVR records video streams that have already been encoded at the cameras. The advantage of NVR is that it can be located anywhere in the network.

Hybrid DVR

To add new IP Cameras to existing analog infrastructure. With all features of a DVR & NVR, the value addition is enormous. Know More

Features of DVR, NVR & Hybrid DVR

  • 24x7 Recording, Scheduled Recording, Motion Based Recording or Input Trigger based Recording Options
  • Local and Remote Control and Monitoring Capablility. Alarms and Email Alerts make it a pro-active tool.
  • Video Compression standards like H.264, D1, MPEG4 to optimize Hard Disc Space usage.
  • Advanced Technology to capture, store Video Content & user friendly Interface to retrieve Videos.

Special Application Camera Features :

Wide Dynamic Range - Enables capture & display of extremely bright & dark areas in the same field of view of camera

BLC – Back Light Compensation - Electronically compensates for High Background Lighting to avoid front images appearing dark

AGC – Auto Gain Control – Varies signal strength of the camera to compensate for excess or deficit light levels

Types of Cameras

  1. IR Dome Cameras
  2. IR IP Outdoor / Bullet Cameras
  3. Box Cameras
  4. Dome Cameras
  5. Speed Dome Cameras (PTZ Cameras)

Difference between Analog CCTV & IP Surveillance Systems

Advantages Advantages
Video Transmission - Uncompressed Video transmitted to the DVR provides No Latency. Video Quality - Superior Image Quality. Megapixel Cameras offer Ultra High Resolutions
Maintenance - No Bandwith, Network Congestion Issues. Once Installed, no IT Skills requires for Maintenance. Flexibility – Existing Network Infrastructure can be extended for IP Surveillance Setup. Wireless Cameras available for challenging architectures.
Flexibility - Any Analog Camera can be used with any DVR. Interchangeable Lens – Selection based on Application. Scalability - Easy Future proof Integration & Scalability
Audio – Audio PCB chips need to be separately connected Audio – Generally integrated into the camera
Special Feature - Video Analytics Compatibility