Lighting Automation

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Now your room’s mood will depend upon yours!

Imagine having the lighting in your room change as per your mood! Doesn’t that sound perfect?

Lighting Automation is all about saving energy by blending natural & artificial sources of light and using sensors to intelligently turn lights on & off based on your mood. It begins with switching on your lights from a handheld device and revolves around creating the right ambience to suit your moods.

You can dim the lights to your desired levels or recall present scenes right from your phone, tablet, touch panel or also use decorative keypads with elegant colors, finishes & architectural faceplates to complement the décor. Set the precise lighting scene for making presentations in conference or board rooms, watching movies, hosting parties or just reading in bed.

When integrated with shades control it opens up the arena of daylight harvesting and harness’ natural light from windows and skylights. Integral to Green Designs, lighting automation is the cornerstone of every automation solution.


Great Planning

Standalone Controllers

Standalone Lighting Automation Controllers are retrofit consoles consisting of both dimmers & keypads that can replace conventional switches.

Hard & Fast Working


Every lighting source requires works on a different operating principle. Thus various kinds of dimmers are available to control each type of light and deliver precise dimming levels.

Hard & Fast Working

Keypads & Handheld Remotes

To provide the user with the ease and comfort of managing lights and to blend with the designs and infrastructure needs, you can choose any wired or wireless decorative keypads or handheld remotes.

How Does Lighting Automation Help?

  • Leads to Natural Light Harvesting
  • Allows Timed Control of Lights
  • Provides Mood Lighting
  • Single Button Recall and Recreation of Scenes
  • Saves Energy