Make Yourself Heard

Public address systems are used for making announcements or just simply playing pipe or background music throughout the establishment.Background music distribution is now an indispensable part of any organization to play light music and create an enjoyable work environment. Public address systems are often used as an announcement as well as voice alarm tool for emergency evacuations in applications such as hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping malls, sports facilities, schools, universities, airports, stations, etc.

Choose from a variety of Public Address Solutions

  • Analog PA Systems
  • IP PA Systems

Components of a Public Address Solution


Amplifiers are used to convert the input signals to desired levels for broadcasting to multiple speakers. Multi zone amplifiers can be used to transmit audio in selected areas when it is not appropriate to broadcast it.

Input Sources

Most commonly used audio input sources for PA systems are microphones for making announcements, DVD players, mp3 players, radio, etc to play soft music.


Speakers basically convert the electrical signals into sound. Different types of wall mount, ceiling mount, outdoor horn speakers, column speakers, etc are used to meet varied infrastructure needs.

How Do Public Address Solutions Work?

  • Light music reduces stress at work
  • Spontaneous broadcast of important messages
  • Organized evacuations in emergencies