Make an Impact. Each and Every Time

Boardrooms and Training centers often demand more dynamic tools than just power point presentations to ensure that the message is well received by the audience. Document cameras or visualizers and interactive whiteboards make a great contribution towards meeting these presentation needs.

Choose From A Variety Of Presentation Solutions

Document Camera / Visualizer

A Visualizer is the most flexible presentation tool of our times, because unlike computer presentations, it can capture any kind of material (books, photos, 3-dimensional objects etc.) using a special camera & provides a high resolution output signal for display on video/data projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards, videoconferencing systems or any other displays. This makes presentations quick, easy & spontaneous without the need for any preparations.

Features :

  • Zoom : Even small fonts can be displayed & read clearly
  • LED Lights : Objects can be displayed even in dark lighting conditions
  • Flexible Camera Arm : Theoretically any object, of any size can be captured

Types :

Desktop or Table top Visualizers, Ceiling mounted or overhead Visualizers, Portable Visualizers )

Interactive Whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a large interactive display that looks much like a standard whiteboard but it is integrated with a projector & a computer to become a giant, touch-sensitive version of the computer screen, which can now be controlled using a special pen, finger or stylus. Apart from using it as a interactive screen, you can also capture & save notes written on it onto the connected PC, annotate programs or presentations, convert cursive writing into text, conduct quizzes and capture the feedback. Interactive whiteboards offer an experience far superior than using a standard whiteboard or using a data projector alone.

Types :

Infrared scan (IR touch) whiteboard, resistive touch-based interactive whiteboard, electromagnetic pen-based interactive whiteboard, portable ultrasonic, IR pen-based interactive whiteboard, Wiimote / IR-based interactive whiteboard, Virtual Whiteboard Via An Interactive Projector.