All Your Security Worries Sorted.

An intrusion alarm system keeps you protected from any break-in by raising an alarm & by alerting you via the Central Monitoring Station at the slightest hint of an unauthorized entry. The intrusion detection systems have caught the eye of the market in the last few years as efficient ways of ensuring the security of people & of course your valuables.More

Components of an Intrusion Alarm Solution

Control Panel

Control Panel is the brain of the Intrusion Alarm System as it processes all the system operations & activity. All devices directly or indirectly connect to the control panel. Based on inputs from the field devices & the status of the panel, whether armed or disarmed, the control panel decided whether an alarm condition is warranted.

Motion Sensors

Motion detectors are used to detect the presence or movement of people in its field of view.

Magnetic / Door Sensors

Installed on doors or windows to detect their opening & closing.

Glass Break Sensors

As the name implies, glass break sensors are designed to detect the breakage of glass by detecting the acoustics that are created upon breakage.

Vibration Sensors

Break-ins through walls, ceilings or floors can be detected by sensing the vibrations using vibration sensors.

Siren / Hooters

Audible signaling devices are used to trigger panic in case of detection of intrusion to deter further break-in and damage to property and people.

Remote / Keypads

Wired or wireless keypads & remotes are used as user interfaces for arming or disarming the alarm system, raising manual alarms and are also used by the engineer to program the system.


The Automatic telephone dialer is an instrument that can automatically dial a fixed number of telephone numbers and deliver a message at each of the telephone numbers, without the help of any operator.

How Do Intrusion Alarm Solutions Help?

  • Acts as a deterrent
  • Provides a platform for quick counter actions
  • Informs users immediately upon break-in
  • Replaces insecurity with peace of mind