Because Safety Comes First

It is very important to keep the things and people that you value safe and sound. Choose from our arena of security solutions to keep your premises and your people safe.

Video Door Phones

Allow you to see who’s at your door & also have a 2-way audio video communication before granting them access into your premises. We offer a wide variety of Handset & Hands free models with a range of screen sizes to choose from. Cameras are generally equipped with IR LEDs to give clear images even in dark conditions.

Fingerprint Locks

Designed for keyless entry applications, fingerprint locks save you from the hassle of stolen or lost keys while securing you from unauthorized entries.

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are specialized equipment that are designed to detect presence of metal parts on human body and in baggage, etc. These can be used in applications where explosive material is to be detected or in jewellery & special metal industries to curtail shop-lifting.

Vehicle & Person Tracking Systems

Vehicle Security Systems involve the installation of various sensors in the car to alert you whenever there is an unauthorized activity detected in your car. Person tracking systems use GPS technology to automatically update the location of a person & display the information directly on a map on the internet or mobile phones.

Electronic Safes

WWith technology advancement, security of conventional safes is further enhanced with the use of biometric, card based or password protection in modern safes.