Automation Solutions

What is Automation

Lighting, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Shades, Drapes, Security, IT, Voice & Data & Multiple Audio Video Systems are an integral part of every establishment today. Each one of these operates on a separate platform and requires its own management tools. Automation is about creating a unified system, where all these technologies can be managed and controlled from a single interface. At Inicio we bring it all to your fingertips!

Components of an Automation System

Control Systems

Processors or Controllers are the heart of the automation system with different types of multiple input output ports onboard and having network capabilities to facilitate integration of devices that understand different languages on one common platform. Providing logic development and graphical user Interface development tools are what bring the system alive.

User Interfaces

User Interfaces can be as simple as a designer keypad. However, touch panels are the most popular as well as the most flexible user interfaces and are available in wired, wireless, handheld, wall mount, table top and waterproof variations to suit every need. You can use your apple device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) or your Android tablet or mobile phone as a Touch panel interface.

Lighting Controls

To integrate lighting controls into automation and to create the right ambience with mood lighting, a combination of dimmers and relays need to be used.


Sensors play one of the major roles in Green technology and are also an important part of any intelligent solution. Shades and Drapes can be controlled automatically based on feedback from a light sensor. Occupancy and Motion Sensors ensure that the light & HVAC is switched only when it is required. Temperature sensors can be used to maintain just the right atmosphere.

AV Distribution Devices

AV Distribution Devices are needed in order to distribute audio and video throughout the facility without compromising on quality. Even after a good level of standardization in audio video formats, there is still a vast range of signal types, connectors, cables and protocols available in the industry, which can be distributed only by using the right switchers, matrix switchers and distribution amplifiers.

Interface Modules

Apart from the onboard inputs and outputs available on a processor, more often than not, there arises a need for additional interface modules to integrate shades, drapes, security systems, relay or IR/RF controlled devices and much more.


  • Centralized Touch Panel Control
  • One Touch Pre Set Operations
  • Time Scheduled Control
  • Intuitive User Friendly Interface
  • Simplified use of technology
  • Anywhere, Anytime Control