Access Control and Time & Attendance Solutions

Secure. Track. Manage

Access Control Systems used to restrict entry of unauthorized personnel in areas of importance. This is achieved by allowing access only on verification of identity by matching Credentials like Fingerprints, palms, veins, face recognition or alternatively by using Proximity or RFID smart Cards or Passwords.

Time & attendance management solutions are very useful for registering the working hours of its employees with reporting applications to fulfill specific needs of each organization.

While restricting entry, it can also be used as a tracking, reporting & management tool when integrated with its user friendly software that offers a wide variety of time & attendance reports, payroll generation, export to standard formats for integration with ERP solutions & other 3rd party HR management software, automatic e-mail sending of reports to defined users & many more value added features. In large establishments, it proves to be an invaluable tool as access control not only reduces losses due to thefts & eliminates unauthorized access to information, documents etc. but also provides add-on tools such as visitor management, canteen management, etc.

Components of Access Control Systems:

Controller – Brain of the system which holds all the logic circuitry and input output ports. Some controllers have readers also onboard. Controllers are generally equipped with network capabilities for remote access & management of data. Standalone Controllers have keypads as well as displays for user management and programming.

Readers –Various types of readers such as fingerprint, palm, vein, face recognition, proximity, RFID, HID or smart Card readers.

Locks – Wide variety of electrical & electromagnetic locks, latches, access barriers, turnstiles to restrict access at main gates, entry doors, etc.

How Do Control And Time & Attendance Solutions Help?

  • Enhances Security
  • Excellent disciplinary tool
  • Optimizes resource management
  • Improves Payroll Efficiency
  • Enables keyless entries