About us


Inicio, a Spanish word, literally means the start. For you, it is the beginning of Automation. Inicio Automation was established in December 2008 by Dhiral Shah and Maulik Unadkat after pursuing their education in Electronics Engineering. Our obsession for simplifying technology inspired us to start this venture to promote its use to increase productivity at work, ensure security and safety & enhance the quality of lifestyle.

Why Inicio


Total Combination of separate elements so as to provide a seamless solution.


Striving to give you something you have never experienced before.


Every solution is tailored and customised for your unique needs.

What Drives Us

We believe and understand that if technology takes effort & consumes time, its value is significantly reduced. Automation to us is not what you see, but what you don’t see. Our solutions are subtle yet powerful, making a statement with its simplicity and comfort. Designers & Clients are often surprised by what is possible today. We realize that electronics can sometimes detract from your design & so we strive to blend technology in your designs such that the integrity of your vision is maintained while delivering optimal performance. We strongly believe in offering the best solutions, ethical guidance, professional training and timely hassle-free service.

What Sets Us Apart?


Unique & Customised Solutions

As System Integrators of Automation & Electronic Security Solutions, we offer ‘Innovative’ technology solutions by seamlessly ‘Integrating’ products from leading manufacturers across the globe, to meet your ‘Individual’ application needs. Our strong & committed relationship with manufacturers ensures that you are getting the best advice & efficient service


Complete After Sales Support & Services

We realize that since all manufacturer warranties vary in length, reporting, technical diagnostics & return procedures, servicing equipment may be very time consuming & could leave your equipment out of action for a number of weeks. Having identified these problems, we have built our support systems with a highly qualified team, specifically trained to help our customers overcome these problems almost instantaneously.


Highly Trained Team of Experts

At Inicio, we ensure that our on-site training translates into widespread knowledge that scales up usage of the solutions you invest in, thus providing you the return on investment that you deserve. At the same time, we believe in training our talented and dedicated team continuously in order to have on-board a highly trained work force to serve our customers better.