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Lets Live Smarter, Lets Automate!

Lighting, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Shades, Drapes, Security, IT, Voice & Data & Multiple Audio Video Systems are an integral part of every establishment today. Each one of these operates on a separate platform and requires its own management tools. Automation is about creating a unified system, where all these technologies can be managed and controlled from a single interface.At Inicio we bring it all to your fingertips!

Why Automate

Automation not only gives you automated one-touch operations, but also universal control of your entire premise without the need of multiple remotes, knobs or switches. Setting up a presentation, creating an interactive teaching system, video conferencing with peers around the globe or enjoying a movie with friends are made possible with a couple of taps on your mobile phone or a customized designer touch pad.Believe us, you need it today!

What Sets Inicio Apart

The Best Brands

We offer you a wide portfolio of Automation products from the world’s leading brands across the globe, products that work flawlessly together to create ultimate worry-free solutions for every room & every budget.

Interfaces That You Will Love

Complete management & control at your fingerprints from anywhere, anytime, with just one button press from easy to use touch panels, designer keypads, your favorite Apple Devices, i.e. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android tablets and touch phones.

Customized Solutions

Whichever touch device you choose, user interfaces for all of them are specially designed by us to suit your tastes & needs. With design solutions for every situation, wired & wireless communication models, providing control & comfort to any personal or commercial space.


Best Works

At Inicio, we have served a number of clients and we are proud to succesfully deliver our projects in various categories. Take a look at a few of our videos to get a glimpse of what we do and how we do it!.

Are you planning to automate your surroundings?

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